The End of Lawyers?

Anyone interested in the future of legal practice should read Richard Susskind’s “The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services”.


Clients are increasingly pushing back on passed-on fees for disbursements, according to an Administrative Director in an AMLaw 100 firm (who I was fortunate to speak with recently).

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Automating Law

DiligenceEngine is focused on a specific problem: improving legal due diligence. But our work fits into a broader issue: making lawyers more efficient and effective.

Issues Considered in Legal Due Diligence

In line with previous posts explaining the background to what we do (make legal due diligence better, faster and cheaper), this post will focus on some of the issues considered in legal due diligence.

Low-End Work in High-End Law

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece on the expanding use of contract attorneys. For the unfamiliar, contract attorneys are lawyers hired to work on a temporary basis, frequently on document review projects as part of large litigation matters.

Going Beyond Providing Just Great Legal Advice

The New York Times just ran an interesting article on how (1) legal outsourcing firms are creating jobs for American lawyers, (2) legal outsourcers are growing—they “made an estimated $400 million in revenue in 2010 … which was just a tiny fraction of the world’s $200-billion-a-year legal market.

Biglaw Tries "In-Sourcing". Profits and Good Jobs Ensue

The New York Times ran an interesting piece on Biglaw firms opening lower-cost domestic “in-sourcing” operations, which has gotten coverage in other outlets

Will the future legal marketplace need less lawyers?

Jordan Furlong of Law21, in a post worth reading, argues that “The future legal marketplace is going to require fewer, differently skilled lawyers than it has” but that “the overall legal services market seems poised for strong growth” driven by demand and innovations from new legal service providers (“virtual law firms, legal process outsourcing companies, freelance and contract lawyer organizations, e-discovery specialists, automated document assembly programs, consumer-friendly legal kiosks and outlets, and many other options still at the embryonic stage”).