Patented Machine Learning Technology

Leverage human-centred AI for contract and document analysis

Built with the user at the core, Kira’s patented machine learning technology quickly extracts concepts & data points for you with high efficiency and accuracy, not previously possible with traditional rules-based systems.

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Patented Machine Learning System

Kira’s artificial intelligence is built using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, awarded with a patent for its methods in improving the accuracy of identifying complex concepts in text.

Start projects immediately

Instantly start analyzing contracts with confidence using Kira’s built-in smart fields. Our patented ML technnology enables our in-house subject matter experts to build smart fields to help you quickly find common provisions, clauses and data points

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Amplify your expertise

Amplify your expertise

Capture your team’s expertise and teach Kira to identify and extract insights for your unique projects using our Quick Study tool

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Built by experts

Built by experts

Paired with our powerful machine learning technology, our legal knowledge engineers apply their subject matter expertise to create hundreds of smart fields to ensure your review projects are highly accurate and comprehensive.

Our team is made up of experienced lawyers, accountants, and professional experts who have worked at prominent organization such as Torys, Allen and Overy, Goodmans, KPMG, PayPal, and Bank of Montreal.

Accuracy matters

Kira is a highly accurate ML contract analysis system, thanks to the superior algorithms developed by our in-house R&D team. Kira’s standards require every built-in smart field to achieve a minimum of 90% recall, reducing risks and errors in your contract review process.

How does that compare?

How does that compare?

Meanwhile, multiple studies in the field of information retrieval have found that the maximum recall of manual human review is only around 65%, and around 75-80% with typical eDiscovery technology assistance.

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Machine Learning for Contract Analysis

To compete within the evolving legal and business landscape, AI-powered contract analysis software has become a mainstream solution to help organizations parse through large volumes of contracts with ease to deliver insights.

Kira uses machine learning technology, an application of artificial intelligence, to extract information from your contracts and documents with greater efficiency and accuracy compared to manual review or traditional rules-based systems.

Machine Learning vs. Rule-Based Systems

Machine Learning
A statistical system that learns the relationships between different words and concepts, and finds where those concepts appear in documents.

Rule-based System
A search system that looks in documents for certain keywords, or combinations of words in a certain order.

Kira in action

Discover how Kira uses machine learning to extract insights from your contracts and documents.