Machine Learning Contract Analysis

Can we brag a little?

Kira Diligence Engine recognized as a finalist for "New Product of the Year" in 2015 Legaltech News Innovation Awards.

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Accurately identifies contract provisions

With a growing bank of covered contract provisions, Kira is ready to use for due diligence and for lease review. With Kira Quick Study, our clients have customized hundreds more proprietary provisions to suit their every contract review need.

Gain insight with powerful contract analysis

Kira's contract analytics are extremely flexible. See your data in whatever format makes sense for your project. Easily organize, tag, folder, analyze and export your provision data. Gain insights into your contracts faster than you thought possible.

Intuitive to use, and easy to manage

People love our intuitive design. We’ll provide training, but you might not need it. Manage teams of any size and stay completely organized and in sync. With Kira, your project will be faster, more accurate, and maybe even a little bit fun.

Trusted on over $70 billion in transactions to date. Millions of pages reviewed.

…at the forefront of the technological revolution that will shape future deal-doing…

…the market standard for contract review…

…legal departments should be asking outside counsel if they are using it…

How it works

Founded by a highly-experienced corporate lawyer and a machine learning expert from one of the top computer science programs in North America, Kira combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence with skilled legal expertise.