Accurate Due Diligence, Done in Minutes.

Save up to 90% of your time using Kira’s machine learning software, perfect for supercharging your M&A reviews.

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Award-winning software for smarter due diligence

Trusted on hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions to date, Kira automates the extraction and analysis of key provisions from across your contracts.

Select contract provisions for analysis in Kira.

Automatically find key issues and information in contracts — faster than ever

Select which provisions you would like to find, such as change of control and assignment, and Kira will highlight them for your review. Kira’s built-in models are thoroughly tested for accuracy on unfamiliar agreements.Learn more about Kira’s built-in provisions or learn how to create custom provisions with Kira Quick Study.

Assignment documents and folders in Kira

Streamline your team’s process from end-to-end

Whether you’re reviewing by yourself, or managing dozens of others, Kira makes it easy. Assign documents to reviewers, keep track of which documents or provisions have been reviewed, escalate problems, and much more.

Preview of the Kira Dashboard

See powerful project summaries at a glance

With Kira's Dashboard, get a bird’s eye view of your project so that you can better communicate risks both within your project team and to you clients.

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Second-level reviews, simplified

We have you covered. Easily spot check the results of a first-level review. Click to jump to the original source contract page to verify accuracy. You'll never again need to email around the office asking for a copy.

Kira upload contracts for analysis

Easily import documents

You can drag-and-drop, upload entire directories or zip files, import from Intralinks, or via the Kira API. Kira preserves folder structure.

Assign and search in Kira

Analyze your results

Because you can tag entire documents or only selected provisions, Kira makes it possible to analyze almost any data point. Create and export custom summary charts and summaries, adding or removing provisions as needed.

Kira compare summary

Compare contracts to a form

Rapidly redline in bulk against a form agreement. Use a form deviation “heat map” to easily see where changes have been made across an entire pool of agreements.

Export provision text in excel

Extract provisions and make summary charts

Kira extracts text (even from scanned documents) automatically into summary charts.

Kira is the leader in machine learning contract data extraction

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