CMS Hasche Sigle: The Path to Innovation

CMS Hasche Sigle in Berlin is the German Headquarters of the 5,000-lawyer international law firm CMS. CMS has a tech-forward profile and the firm emphasizes the use of technology in solving client problems.

Written by: David Curle
on January 20, 2022

Mergers And Acquisitions Practice Trends

Legal Due Diligence: Evolving Roles, Expanding Benefits

In a recent webinar co-hosted by SS&C Intralinks and Kira Systems (now part of the Litera family of companies), three leading EU-based M&A lawyers provided some perspective on the evolving nature of due diligence practices.


Honigman Review Solutions: Redefining Service Delivery for Due Diligence

Detroit-based full-service law firm Honigman, like many other firms, is grappling with a very active M&A market. The speed and volume of deals is forcing them to find new ways to support their deal teams and ensure that client needs are met.

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Total Diligence and Trends

Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Trends

Redefining the Practice of Law: The Legal Workplace as "Experience," and Tech Trends Affecting M&A Practice

What will the legal workplace look like post-pandemic? The topic arose during an Ortus roundtable that was hosted by Kira Systems.

Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Trends

Total Diligence: Are Law Firms Leaving M&A Due Diligence Work (and Money) on the Table?

Are law firms putting clients at risk by NOT proposing the use of AI-based contract review tools to more comprehensively provide due diligence in M&A deals?

Mergers And Acquisitions Practice Trends

Technology Expands M&A Lawyer’s Role in Shaping Successful Dealmaking

AI technology has been proven to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of due diligence document review, which is increasingly important in an era of accelerating deal timelines.

Mergers And Acquisitions Practice Trends

Total Diligence at Legal Geek: Technology and Low Frequency, High Impact Risks in Due Diligence

One of the high points of the year in global legal tech is the annual Legal Geek conference in London. Legal Geek is less of an industry conference than it is an ideas festival.

Mergers And Acquisitions Practice Trends

Using Technology to Meet the Demands of Today’s M&A: Insights From Our UK Roundtable

Kira has its finger on the pulse of global M&A trends through daily interactions with the legal marketplace. In August 2021 we pulled together a group of M&A partners and leaders from the UK for a roundtable discussion.

Mergers And Acquisitions Practice Trends

Infographic: Traditional Versus Total Due Diligence and How AI-Powered Software Can Help

In any M&A transaction, it’s important to balance process efficiency and risk identification and mitigation, while recognizing that the consequences of missing contractual language can be serious.


Mission (Im)possible

Adapted from AI for Lawyers by Noah Waisberg and Alexander Hudek. Copyright 2021 Wiley. By: Dr. Thomas Laubert (Vice President and Group General Counsel Daimler AG), Dr.

Industry Trends

EY/Harvard Law CLP Study: Contracts at the Center of CEO Priorities

EY and Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession have collaborated on a survey and series of reports on developments in the legal industry.