Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Trends

Total Diligence: Are Law Firms Leaving M&A Due Diligence Work (and Money) on the Table?

Are law firms putting clients at risk by NOT proposing the use of AI-based contract review tools to more comprehensively provide due diligence in M&A deals?

Artificial Intelligence

Is Your Contract Technology Secure? A Guide to Security and Privacy Protections

Contracts contain some of the most critical and sensitive information that an organization wants to protect - information about strategies, relationships, prices, timetables, intentions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Trusting Artificial Intelligence: Tipping Points For Lawyers

There is a central thesis to AI for Lawyers, the new book from Kira Systems co-founders Noah Waisberg and Dr. Alexander Hudek: AI is here, and it’s time for lawyers to take advantage of it.


Q&A with Esther Bowers, Director of Practice Management at Honigman

Honigman LLP is a leading business law firm serving clients locally, nationally, and internationally from its Midwest base. They counsel clients on complex legal issues in more than 60 areas of legal practice.

Industry Trends

In-House Legal Ops Leaders to Outside Law Firms: Show Us Your Stuff

There’s more and more evidence that law firms are innovating and applying more technology in their service delivery models, but they could do a little better job telling their clients about it.


Q&A with Catriona Wolfenden, Partner & Innovation Manager at Weightmans

Weightmans is a top 45 UK law firm that explores AI as a way of enhancing their legal services. For Weightmans, AI is a leading force in the legal sector, and this has been demonstrated through its use of AI across many areas of its business including PI, corporate, commercial, real estate and internal business use cases.

Industry Trends

Mapping the Progress of AI Adoption in Legal: Research from ILTA/Blickstein Group

How far along is the legal industry in adopting artificial intelligence-based technologies and solutions? New research from ILTA and the Blickstein Group provides a more nuanced picture than many previously-reported studies.

Next Gen Lawyers

Scaling and Amplifying Legal Work, Part 4: Protecting Confidentiality While Scaling The Practice of Law

This article is the last of a series of four that focuses on key industry trends that are driving and enabling a scalable approach to legal work with the help of AI.