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We know COVID-19 has presented many challenges for all professional service firms and corporations today and we are here to help in any way we can. Our customers and community have informed us of the high volume of work needed to be done to best advise their clients and internal stakeholders during these unprecedented times. We, at Kira Systems, are dedicated to leveraging our expertise to help you prepare by providing all our resources to support you.

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Study: An Analysis of Liquidated Damages Provisions and Business Restructuring Considerations

There’s no doubt that the economic impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching with countless industries experiencing devastating downturns in their businesses. Chapter 11 filings have surged exponentially and the list of companies filing for bankruptcy only continues to grow. Learn how distressed companies and non-debtors may benefit from the certainty and efficiency these clauses provide, saving all parties time, money, and effort during critical times.

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Guide: 3 Key Lease Provisions to Consider During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Landlords and tenants have been significantly impacted by government-mandated closures of non-essential businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While force majeure provisions have been a hot topic since the onset of the pandemic, within the real estate context, we wanted to examine the relative differences between landlords and tenants with regards to the availability of force majeure relief.

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Webinar: Termination for Convenience in Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment Commercial Contracts

Following up on the Industry Analysis Study, our Legal Knowledge Engineering Associate will walk you through how to identify termination for convenience provisions that may support your organization’s ability to get out of contracts you no longer consider beneficial.

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Industry Analysis: Termination for Convenience in Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment Commercial Contracts

With the economic impact of COVID-19 halting consumer spending on travel, hospitality, and entertainment, your (or your clients’) organization is likely in the midst of rightsizing its business in order to mitigate potential risks. While trying to navigate through these unprecedented times, understanding contractual obligations has become more critical than ever.

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The Impacts of COVID-19 on Businesses and How AI-Powered Software Can Help

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has many implications for businesses worldwide, but not every organization has the kind of visibility into their contracts that would allow them to take appropriate action. View our guide outlining the potential impacts on your organization, and how AI-powered software (like Kira) helps accelerate the contract review process so that you can identify and mitigate risks more easily.

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Force Majeure Provisions in Commercial Contracts

We used Kira to look at commercial contracts involving Chinese entities & found that 72% of 130 contracts reviewed included force majeure provisions. Learn the other insights we uncovered from using Kira’s AI-powered technology, such as the prevalence of “catch-all” language and inclusion of acts of government in force majeure provisions.

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The Impacts of COVID-19 on Contracts: What We Learned About Force Majeure in Chinese Contracts

Jennifer Tsai, our Legal Knowledge Engineering Associate, will walk you through the impacts that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can have on your commercial contracts, and what steps your organization, or clients’ organizations can take to minimize any potential impact of force majeure and other clauses in them.

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deal point study

The Effects of Force Majeure in Contracts

Following up on our previous study, “Force Majeure Provisions in Chinese Contracts”, we reviewed the same Chinese commercial contracts to determine and learn of the types of consequences that would follow if a force majeure event was determined to have occurred.

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Is Coronavirus Infecting Your Supply Chain?

In addition to its human toll, the current Coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc on global supply chains and commodities markets. With the virus’ rapid spread, the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday by the Chinese government, and transportation disruptions leaving hundreds of millions of workers unable to return to work (among other things), many Chinese businesses are struggling to fulfill their contractual obligations.

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