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Leveraging AI to Bring Visibility to your Contracts in a New Era of Remote Work

While you’ve no doubt heard a ton about COVID-19’s financial impact on businesses worldwide, there is yet another major shift that organizations are having to take into account: As companies pivot away from physical offices (with some planning never to return), it’s become more important than ever them to digitize their processes and data.

Established in 1841, Dun & Bradstreet have enabled companies around the world to improve their business performance. Naturally, as a leader in their field, it was imperative that they adapt to the “New Era” of remote work in order to continue to do so. And adapt they did. By leveraging Kira Systems and Mainspring, Dun & Bradstreet was able to smoothly transition without any significant loss in throughput all while gaining better insights into their own contracts. Additionally, thanks to their newly leveraged AI-driven contract management software, they were able to quickly scan for critical provisions in real-time to understand data points previously never thought of as a result of COVID-19.

Watch Lily Schurra (Commercial Attorney at Dun & Bradstreet) and James Misterman (Director of Customer Strategy at Mainspring Consulting Group) give an in-depth overview of:

  • Developing the business case - why was this the best solution?
  • How Dun Bradstreet measured success
  • How this project impacted their Legal Team and their contract management and review capabilities
  • Critical steps you should take in order to digitize your own processes

Register to download and hear how Dun & Bradstreet was able to shift to a “new normal” and how you can replicate that same success in your organization.

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