Special Report on Legal Technology – Rise of the Machines

Written by: Kira Systems

January 6, 2016
Artificial Intelligence

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Last month, The Lawyer published “Special Report: Legal Technology – Rise Of The Machines”, which discussed the logistics behind the implementation of the technology and the impact it will have on law firms’ clients.

While discussing the deciding factors for choosing between one tech product over another, Orlando Conetta, legal solutions architect at Pinsent Masons, used Kira as an example of an easy to use AI solution, one of three categories of AI product. He explained,

If your firm does not want to invest in internal engineering teams, … Kira [Systems] offer applications that are just about ready out-of-the-box with very little engineering expertise required. In the case of Kira, [its] toolset is designed to enable non-engineers to train their statistical model to automatically tag clauses and terms across documents.

Learn more about how Kira helps you:

  • Save 20-90% of time spent on completing contract reviews
  • Increase the accuracy of your contract review compared to manual review
  • Provide better value to your clients by providing a more comprehensive review

Try Kira today and see how easy it is to review and analyze contracts with Kira.

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