AI Creates Higher Quality Jobs in the Legal Industry

Written by: Kira Systems

June 9, 2016
Artificial Intelligence

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Last week, Dr. Rob Warren, Kira Systems’ Chief Data Scientist, led a talk on “AI and the Law” in front of the University of Alberta Computer Science department.

Dr. Warren’s talk focused on some of the lessons learned about the application of AI to legal document review. One particular innovation he outlined in his talk was training machine learning systems at a high volume by leveraging the judgment and experience of legal professionals that is supported by the “Big Data” hiding in legal document databases. Legal documents lead to a variety of unexpected and unique corner-cases for machine learning systems.

This visit was part of an ongoing collaboration with the University of Alberta Computer Science department to discuss machine learning problems that pursue valuable theoretical approaches to solving legal industry problems.

Kira Systems’ own proprietary machine learning technology is the product of 5+ years of internal development by our team of expert computer science PhDs. Kira excels at automatically identifying and extracting relevant information from all types of contracts, and organizes it into metadata that can be exported and synced into other systems. Kira comes with built-in machine learning models covering general commercial terms, real estate leases and compliance terms, as well as those provisions that are commonly reviewed in due diligence and post-merger integration.

If you would like to learn more about Kira, please request a demo.

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