Introducing Kira Document Classifier v2

Written by: Kira Systems

October 9, 2017

2 minute read

The Kira Systems team is pleased to introduce an updated Document Classifier as part of our October 7 update.

What to expect from the new classifier:

The new classifier includes all new categories for organizing documents by type as they are uploaded and processed in Kira. The new categorizations have been trained by our legal knowledge engineering team using thousands of examples to anticipate the wide variety and complexity of documents you are likely to encounter in your daily use of Kira.

How does it work:

Documents will be automatically classified into 15 contract document types and 20 non-contract document types. Most documents will be assigned two type tags, either “Contract or “Non-contract”, and then assigned a sub-type, i.e. “Employment-related Agt” or “Equipment Lease”.

New document types will only be applied as documents are processed by Kira after upload. This means old projects will not be re-tagged or updated automatically but will retain the document types previously applied.

How to take advantage of this feature:

Document classifications are included in Kira to help with three tasks–prioritizing the documents that are most important to review, identifying when a subject matter expert might need to be assigned to help with a review, and mass assigning documents for review. In the Tags page (shown below) you can see all of the Document Types that have been found in a project.

A detailed list of the new document classifier types is available for Kira subscribers in the Customer Toolkit and includes the new model names and descriptions.

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