ILTA Peer to Peer Case Study: DLA Piper and Kira Systems

Written by: Kira Systems

March 1, 2018

1 minute read

For organizations looking to adopt a contract analysis tool, Joe Davis has shared DLA Piper’s journey in this season’s ILTA Peer to Peer Magazine. Check out the full story below to find out how the firm evaluated different products, implemented Kira quickly, trained their own provision models, and more about what DLA Piper describes as one of the most successful technology roll-outs at the firm.

Leveraging the Lean Six Sigma methodology, DLA Piper assembled a team that included a project lead, the head of the corporate M&A practice, three other partners, three associates, and several staff members.

This team ultimately produced standard M&A documents and templates, created standard phase and task codes, and mapped out their process based completely on the identification of best practices. In addition to these deliverables, the team identified the application of technology as a key enabler of efficiency.

After comparing the various AI-based contract analysis tools available in the market, DLA Piper found what they were looking for in the machine learning tools from Kira Systems.

Read the full case study as it appeared in ILTA’s Peer to Peer Magazine.

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