Kira for Knowledge Management

Kira helps capture the experience and knowledge of your professionals so that it can be shared for the benefit of the entire organization.

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Kira’s state-of-the-art machine learning technology automatically identifies and extracts information from contracts and comes with over 1,000 built-in provision models. If the project requires the review of provisions that are unusual or specific to an industry, jurisdiction or even parties involved in an upcoming transaction, Kira Quick Study can be used to identify virtually any desired clause. Kira’s comparison feature can be used to benchmark agreements against a form, and Kira’s summaries can help spot provision trends, outliers and collect sample language.

Capture and Share Knowledge Automatically

Traditional knowledge management (KM) often relies on professionals taking the time and effort to capture what they learned during an engagement and sharing it with a knowledge management team. With more urgent work often taking precedence, KM efforts may not be a priority and valuable insights may be overlooked.

Sharing made easy

With Kira, KM teams have a tool that can automatically capture this knowledge both during and after the completion of a project and easily share it with other team members, without placing an additional burden on the professionals they are working with. Kira facilitates a number of these objectives:

Deal Points Studies
Clause Banks

How does it work?

Kira processes contracts in dozens of formats and automatically converts them to machine readable text. It includes workflow tools for your team to validate the results, compare prevalence of provisions across documents and track multiple provisions at a time to understand patterns and correlations.

Kira is the leader in machine learning contract data extraction

Kira has been used on thousands of concurrent projects, helping hundreds of organizations gain greater visibility into their contracts. Our users include many of the world’s leading professional service firms and companies, in over 40 countries. We are among the most used and trusted AI solutions for professionals anywhere. There’s a reason why.

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