What’s New in Kira: 100th Release, Activity Log and In-App Communications

Written by: Tony Cheng

July 28, 2021

3 minute read

This blog post is the second of a new series that focuses on keeping you updated on our latest product enhancements, features and innovations. Click here to read the first blog post.

July started off with the 100th release of Kira, a milestone that we’re excited to share with you. We’ve come a long way since 2011. In that time, Kira has been used by 280+ customers in 50+ countries around the world, and has enabled these customers to analyze 8.2 million documents and create over 57,000 projects. We’ve learned a lot from our customers, and we are committed to bringing you more improvements and new features over the next 100 releases. We couldn’t have done it without you!

In addition to this celebratory moment, continue reading to learn more about the main product enhancements of this month, which continue to improve the user experience for Kira’s different types of users. These enhancements include activity reports and a new capability that allows us to communicate product updates and Kira-related news with users directly through Kira.

Activity Log

At Kira, we collaborate closely with all types of users to ensure that lawyers and other professionals can do the best work that they can. Administrators are critical in this endeavour and they need insight into what users are doing within Kira without having to find workarounds or external tools to use. Administrators can now view activity reports for all users in Kira. This is useful if you want to find out who has added documents to Kira, who has reviewed documents, and who has logged in, among other things. Kira’s Activity Log helps you analyze and audit your firm’s Kira usage and gather insight into what activities provide most value to your firm. Kira already offers usage reports for a bird’s eye view of user activity in Kira, but the Activity Log now gives you quick and easy access to the actual, granular use of Kira within your firm.

Screenshot of Kira Activity Log

Explore Communications from Kira

When you’re busy focusing on the work that provides value to your clients, it can be difficult to keep up with software updates and best practices while simultaneously keeping the rest of your team informed of these changes.

At Kira Systems, we’re constantly striving to create more value for our end users, and we understand that finding the time to learn more about using Kira—or any other software application—can be challenging. To address that, we’ve added a new slideout panel within Kira that provides you and your team members with best practices, tips and tricks, and product updates, for a more seamless experience that requires less effort and time on the part of administrators and other end users alike.

What Types of Communications Are Included?

  • Sneak Peek: Preview of upcoming features
  • Did You Know? Useful tips or best practices for specific workflows or features within Kira
  • What’s New: High-level overview of new features and enhancements
  • Newsroom: Content relating to Kira that we want to share with you (articles and events), as well as notices regarding your Kira instance

You can find this content in the top-right navigation bar, under Explore, and a number badge indicates that a new piece of content is now available to read. Also note that we have moved the Kira Help link from the navigation bar to the bottom of the in-app comms panel.

Screenshot of Kira In-App Communications

If you have questions about any of these changes and enhancements, please email us at support@kirasystems.com.