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Gain a deeper insight into your documents and track your project's status with Kira Dashboards.

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Custom Report showcasing Documents Missing Change of Control

Easily communicate risks and insights to your clients

Get a bird’s eye view of your project so that you can better communicate risks both within your project team and to your clients.

  • Share real-time information to your clients
  • Provide visibility and understand the state of the project throughout the entire duration
  • See custom (bespoke) project-specific content
Custom Report showcasing Process Status Custom Report showcasing Reviewed Document By Type

Create beautiful, custom reports

Visualize the state and health of your project, as well as the information pertaining to and within the uploaded documents. Report on virtually any information found within the platform including language of the document, document type, tags, review status and much more.

Visualize your projects and streamline analysis today!

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