Get answers and gain insights

Kira can extract and contextualize information from contracts and documents, providing you with the answers to your most pressing questions, instantly.

Intelligence that answers your questions

Beyond extracting information, Kira now has the ability to answer your most crucial questions to help you understand the impact of the clause, provision, or data point from your contracts and documents.


Uncover hidden knowledge

Instead of manually summarizing or structuring information in contracts and documents, Kira interprets the data and provides answers that can be categorized and visualized for easy comparison and analysis.

Leverage your expertise

Ask questions already built into Kira, or your subject matter experts can easily train Kira to answer unique questions specific to your own or clients’ needs, with no developer skills required using Quick Study.

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Make faster, smarter decisions and recommendations

Streamline your workflows by gaining a deeper understanding and detailed visual overview of what your data means based on the answers Kira provides.

  • Import Documents

  • Ask Questions

  • Receive Answers

  • Visualize & Analyze

  • Export Results

  • Make Decision or Recommendation

Gain actionable insights

Gain actionable insights

Instead of manually summarizing the extracted provisions, clauses, and data points, Kira transforms the data into standardized answers, allowing you to quickly understand their impact and utilize it.

Increase visibility & streamline reports

Increase visibility & streamline reports

Teams can further analyze the answers Kira has found by using its data visualization tools to view details of aggregated data and compare relationships between critical contract terms to expedite reporting.

Identify and assess risks early

Identify and assess risks early

Get a high-level overview of your contracts and documents from the answers Kira provides to preliminarily scope projects and spot risks early to drive and enable informed conversations and steps for remediation.

Kira’s answers feature will allow us to easily automate more of our current processes. For us, it’s all about freeing up the lawyers’ time in order for them to have more client contact and concentrate on the cases where they can add real value. We let the technology and systems do what they’re good at, which is pulling out information and categorising it for us, so our lawyers can then use these insights to advise clients.

Dr. Catriona Wolfenden
Partner & Innovation Manager, Weightmans LLP

How Teams Get Value

For Professional Services

Firms can now use Kira to get answers to their most pressing legal or accounting-related questions, helping them streamline report generation and make better-informed recommendations to clients faster.

For Corporations

Organizations can now use Kira to get answers to their most pressing business questions, helping them make data-driven decisions faster and gain unprecedented visibility into their operations to increase revenue, minimize costs, and mitigate risks.

Amplify your team's capabilities