Truly know what's in your contracts & documents.

Kira is a patented machine learning software that identifies, extracts, and analyzes content in your contracts and documents with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Easily find and use trusted information from your contracts and documents.

The Kira Advantage

Create Efficiencies & Review More In Less Time

Find clauses and data points you need in a fraction of the time that it traditionally takes.

Identify & Mitigate Risks Faster

Proactively analyze areas of exposure quickly enact upon these potential threats.

Spur Profitable Growth. Win New Business.

Gain a competitive advantage by the fully realizing of contract value and winning new business.

Kira Contract Analysis Software

Kira makes powerful machine learning artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, through an intuitive user interface that features real-time collaboration and flexible project management

Easily import documents

Import files in any of over 60 formats. You can drag-and-drop, upload entire directories or zip files, import from your desktop or other apps such as Intralinks, HighQ, or via the Kira API.

Automate the analysis of your documents

Kira automatically converts files into machine readable form and uses our Built-In Intelligence to efficiently and accurately extract common clauses, provisions, and data points. For unique projects, you can use Quick Study to build your own smart fields, our machine learning models, to find what you need.

Easily Collaborate, Search & Review

On-screen editing and workflow tools make it easy to refine results. Collaborate in real-time, and watch your colleagues’ changes appear right before your eyes.

See powerful summaries at a glance

With Kira’s Dashboard, get a bird’s eye view of your project so that you can better communicate risks both within your project team and to you clients

Export reports

Create and export custom summary charts and summaries for almost any data point, so you can share results with colleagues and clients.

Product Features

Patented Machine Learning

Kira’s artificial intelligence is built using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques by top AI/ML experts.

Built-In Intelligence

Kira comes with over 1000 smart fields, which are machine learning models that efficiently and accurately extract common clauses and data points.

Quick Study

Capture the expertise of your own subject matter experts. Create your own smart fields to find specific clauses and data points unique to your organization.

Workflow Manager

Kira makes collaboration easy with our user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow features.

Partners & Integrations

Kira’s broad network of partners allow us to deliver our mission of enlightening firms and organizations everywhere. Our open API also enables you seamlessly integrate Kira within your current tech stack.

Ready to take your contract analysis to the next level?