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Learn How AI Can Unlock Greater Value From Your Contract Management System

Organizations today can have thousands and even millions of contracts, but few organizations have any visibility into them. Does this matter?

Yes it does, because the lack of insight in existing contracts means an organization may be open to greater risk, failing to meet ever changing compliance requirements and incremental revenue opportunities. While CLM solutions offer varying degrees of efficiency improvement, workflow management and increased visibility, they only address contracts moving forward and not previous active contracts that were executed prior to the implementation of a CLM, thus the potential and value of a CLM is never fully realized.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How organizations are leveraging AI to quickly and accurately migrate their contracts to their CLM solutions
  • How the contract workflow process can be improved through AI
  • The best practices for successfully implementing a CLM leveraging contract analysis AI software to achieve the desired outcome of a fully encompassing CLM

Join Resa Jacob & Ashish Tomar from Kira Systems, Patrick Won from Integreon and Peggy Barber, Regional CEO Americas and Global General Counsel at IACCM in our latest webinar to understand how AI can unlock greater value from your CLM.

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