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Total Diligence in UK M&A

Inside, you will discover:

  • How a Total Diligence approach extends the value of the diligence phase of a deal beyond closing;
  • How AI-based technology is changing the scope of due diligence and the conversations between M&A lawyers and their clients;
  • How Total Diligence can elevate the pricing conversation; and
  • Approaches to Total Diligence and how they vary among types of clients and deals.

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Are law firms putting clients at risk by NOT proposing the use of AI-based contract review tools to provide more comprehensive due diligence in M&A deals?

In March we held a roundtable discussion of M&A trends with leaders from UK law firms. Among the topics discussed was the concept of Total Diligence, the idea that technology enables lawyers to expand the scope of the due diligence processes and analyses that they and their clients engage in. That expansion, in turn, is leading to a new way of thinking about the role of due diligence in risk management, company strategy, and post-deal integration and management.

In this report, we have extended the Total Diligence conversation with leaders from several UK firms, and synthesized those conversations to provide a sense of the state of thinking about due diligence in the legal market today.

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