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For Partners

Integrate your solutions with Kira and offer a seamless integrated experience to customers. Build a new feature or service within your platform using Kira's powerful machine learning software that identifies, extracts, and analyzes text from contracts and other documents.

For Customers

Make Kira work seamlessly with your existing or third party solutions. Build new features and services to use within your own workflows.


  • A developer Sandbox to build integration with the Kira Platform API
  • Complete API documentation
  • Get to know what’s coming in the future in Kira
  • Access to Kira support for developers

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Building with Kira is simple and straightforward. Register on our Developer Portal to learn about our open API, and get access to all the tools to build your integration fast. Our documentation and guides make this a simple process, but if you ever need help, reach out to our Developer Relations team through the portal, who are always ready to help.

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