UK-Based Plutus Consulting to Leverage Kira Technology in LIBOR Offering

Written by: Kira Systems

August 31, 2020

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Plutus Consulting has partnered with Kira Systems to bring to market a Kira-enabled solution to assist clients with regulatory issues that affect the financial services industry. This is part of an on-going commitment to innovate and transform their client-focused service delivery model to provide effective and tangible results.

Headquartered in London, England, Plutus Consulting is a well-established financial services consulting, advisory and professional services group that is building a compliance framework through the use of Kira’s API. The first use case that this solution will be used for is compliance regulations related to LIBOR to assist clients with the transition process.

“This innovative technology provides a cost efficient solution to tackle regulatory challenges within the financial services sector,” said John Martin, CEO at Plutus Consulting. “Kira’s well-established expertise and technical support in areas critical to our customer’s business operations, and using ground breaking AI technologies, are second to none. Building strong and collaborative long term relationships is key to our success, and I am fortunate to have Kira Systems as part of the team.”

Kira will help Plutus Consulting automate the solutions they provide to the financial industry with a focus on banking and investment services. The company plans to develop offerings that facilitate an end-to-end framework to enable a more efficient contract review and analysis process.

With COVID-19, there was some speculation that the December 31, 2021 LIBOR cessation would be delayed; however, at this point, such a delay is not expected. Plutus Consulting, with a combination of human and artificial intelligence, will help guide clients through the identification, assessment and remediation of LIBOR referenced contracts.

“Plutus Consulting is clearly dedicated to delivering its clients world-class service through innovative methods, and we are pleased that they are building a compliance framework through the use of Kira’s API to support this commitment,” said Joanna Trimble, CRO at Kira Systems.

For background, Kira Systems collaborates with customers and partners to optimize workflows, enabling them to review, export and report with ease. Our API allows the flexibility to embed Kira into any existing frameworks with the capability to build new solutions, ultimately working better together. Solutions partners such as Apttus, HighQ, Mainspring, SeeUnity, Integreon - as well as our professional services and corporate customers - have integrated with Kira to harness its power in tandem with their own unique solutions.

About Plutus Consulting Group

A well-established Financial Services consulting, advisory and professional services group with a 30-year track record in delivering Mergers / Acquisitions and Regulatory Compliance programmes. Being innovative, adaptable and dynamic is core to our mantra – putting it simply ... ‘We are, What we do’. Responsible Banking and Sustainable Investment services are new additions to our product and service portfolios, which is part of our core strategy of delivering effective and tangible results for a changing world. For further insight and information, please contact John on +44 7773 774 917 or email

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