The Night Before New Year

Written by: Kira Systems

December 29, 2017

2 minute read

T’was the night before New Year’s and all through the town,
Not a lawyer was stirring, not even to frown.

The briefs were all filed and pleadings were pled,
All matters were closed and docs put to bed.

The clients were happy,
their work was on track
They knew, come what may, the firm had their back.

When suddenly out of the blue came new clients
With urgent requests to ensure their compliance.

With new regulations just recently passed
They needed their contracts reviewed, super-fast.

Every lawyer was called and told to return,
They would work through the night, midnight oil they’d burn.

“Even working full tilt, we could never complete
Every contract tonight!” said associate Pete.

“We’re not working alone,” Sally shouted with glee.
We’ve got Kira to help. We’ll be done here by three.”

“It will find every risk, every clause, and provision,
Then extract all the fields with the greatest precision.”

“Ask for Title or Party, Change Control, Termination,
Look for Date or Amendment, or even Duration,

Kira finds all the info post haste, with great speed,
We’ve already trained it to find what we need.

So, upload your contracts, sit back and relax
In just a few minutes it’s back with the facts.

We’ll see what relates, what’s a must for review
What’s labeled ‘important’, or ‘don’t bother to do’.”

By morning the work was all done, as expected.
“Great work, one and all!” the team lead interjected.

The moral is simple and hopefully clear…

From Kira Systems
We wish you
A Happy New Year.

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