Recent External Coverage of DiligenceEngine

Written by: Noah Waisberg

March 11, 2014

3 minute read

We have had law firm and corporate users doing real deals with the assistance of our contract review software for quite some time. They regularly give us feedback that the DiligenceEngine system is “tremendously helpful” and the like. But we generally avoided having anyone write on us until recently. We think our system is now ready for more attention and are happy that a few people have already chosen to cover us. In case you have not otherwise come across them, here are a few recent items where outsiders have discussed DiligenceEngine:

Why did we wait to publicize what we had built? (1) I was trained to not put work product out until sure it was well done, (2) our system was always getting more impressive, and (3) we were able to source new users without any outside coverage. We have been getting consistently-positive user feedback since spring 2013, we hit a target set of feature milestones (more on our recent adds in a later post), and—from what we’ve seen—there was nothing close on the market for accurately reviewing unfamiliar contracts (though a number of possibilities for reviewing form agreements and clean scans). Were we too cautious with waiting? In retrospect, probably. But here we are.

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