Litera Microsystems Announces Kira Systems as First Content Provider in Litera Connect Program

Written by: Kira Systems

March 12, 2019

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Litera Microsystems announced today that legal artificial intelligence provider Kira Systems is the first content provider to join Litera Connect, Litera Microsystems technology partner program. The partnership focuses on ensuring that their solutions not only work together, but do so in a manner that makes life easier for lawyers and technologists.

The first product integration between the companies brings together Clause Companion’s clause library which enables users to retrieve and re-use their organization’s best content, and the power of Kira’s AI platform which can find and extract commonly used clauses. The integration offers end users’ the ability to enrich the content within their library with additional clauses from Kira.

“We are excited that Litera Microsystems has integrated Kira into their Clause Companion library,” remarked Noah Waisberg, CEO of Kira Systems. “The seamless integration will allow lawyers to automatically populate clause banks. The integration will be a powerful bridge between knowledge management and drafting.”

Avaneesh Marwaha, CEO of Litera Microsystems said, “Over 90% of the world’s largest law firms are using Litera Microsystems products every day, putting us in a unique position to help firms with the challenge of reusing their best content. Working more closely with suppliers that provide and manage that content is another way that we can help simplify drafting workflows within the organizations we serve, so we’re excited to announce that Kira Systems has joined as the first content partner for Litera Connect.”

About Litera Microsystems

Litera Microsystems is the leading provider of software for drafting, proofreading, comparing, repairing, cleaning, and securing documents in the legal and life sciences industries worldwide. Our core products empower users to generate, review, and distribute high-quality content quickly and securely, from any device. Today, Litera Microsystems supports thousands of document-intensive organizations across the globe, helping them satisfy the complex demands of clients and regulators. Learn more at

About Kira Systems

Kira Systems’ technology is a powerful, award-winning software solution that excels at searching and analyzing contract and document text, helping the world’s largest corporations and professional service firms uncover relevant information from their contracts and related documents. Kira can be deployed for contract intelligence due diligence, knowledge management, real estate, regulatory compliance, and wherever visibility into contract and document data is critical. Using Kira Quick Study, our no-code machine learning platform, anyone can train Kira to accurately identify and answer a question about virtually any desired clause or data point from their business documents. To find out more, please visit

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