Kira Systems' Deloitte Alliance featured in Legaltech News

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March 15, 2016

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Last week, Legaltech News published “21st Century Contract Review: Deloitte announces deployment of Kira A.I. Software," which discussed Deloitte’s alliance and partnership with Kira Systems, a machine learning contract analysis software provider.

The article reports that Deloitte has deployed a customized version of Kira throughout its audit and consulting departments to increase its operational efficiency and productivity. According to Craig Muraskin, managing director of Deloitte’s U.S. innovation group, Deloitte was able to reconfigure Kira and deploy it across the company in a matter of months. He added,

“We really liked their machine learning capability. It is much more highly trainable, much more efficient to train and that was a key differentiator for us. We do a large variety of different types of documents, and some of the systems that are out there that were rules based, that had prescribed roles — they had less much flexibility. We really needed someone to have a very nimble machine learning capability so we could enter in different types of documents all the time.”

So far, Deloitte has trained over 3,000 practitioners in the United States on the Kira platform and has been deployed across close to 1,000 different engagements. “As a matter of relative scale, given who [we] are and the operations we have in the order of magnitude,” Muraskin notes, “it’s greater than the typical purchase, but [the implementation] has actually been a remarkabl[y] seamless effort.”

The article also touches on Kira’s impact on the legal industry with Elizabeth Ellis, a partner at Torys, a Toronto-based law firm, stating that, “Kira gives us the ability to provide better service to our clients in a number of important ways: It easily manages the review of large numbers of documents in a large variety of formats, reducing the time taken for review and increasing its accuracy.”

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