DiligenceEngine Included in "The Current State of Machine Intelligence"

Written by: Noah Waisberg

January 2, 2015

1 minute read

Shivon Zilis, an investor at Bloomberg Beta, recently put out a company landscape covering “The Current State of Machine Intelligence”. She based this on spending “the last three months learning about every artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data related startup I could find — my current list has 2,529 of them to be exact.” Zillis uses “‘machine intelligence’ as a unifying term for what others call machine learning and artificial intelligence.” We are included in the Rethinking Industries/Legal category. Note that the landscape features a lot less than 2,529 companies!

I know the legal category best of the ones covered, and find the included group both under- and over-inclusive. It is under-inclusive by featuring zero technology aided review eDiscovery companies. These are the most established purveyors of machine learning technology in legal. On the other hand, based on the last time I heard, at least two of the companies in the legal group were powering their “machine intelligence” using rules-based technology or heavily using people behind the scenes, but calling it tech, which I suspect would not meet Zillis' definition. That said, there are good reasons companies do not advertise using rules-based tech or cheaper people, so who is using what technology can be hard to figure out. Despite this, the landscape is an impressive work, and worth checking out!

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