Enlightening The World’s Enterprises: The Story of Kira Systems’ Brand Evolution

Written by: Vinay Nair

February 4, 2020

4 minute read

The way we think about our brand is that it’s a set of perceptions. It’s how you perceive yourself, and it’s how people perceive you. It’s the sum total of everything people believe, think, see, feel, hear, and experience with our product, our service, and our organization.

One of the first things I noticed when joining Kira Systems a year ago was the grassroots yet prolific brand Kira had developed in such a short time. Its cult-like status amongst the brightest and elite legal professionals was inspiring, and was essentially driving the growth of the company. Our customers couldn’t get enough of our product, and they were using Kira to do things that were never intended nor imagined. Our coverage in respected publications such as the Financial Times, New York Times, The Economist, as well as the rising volume of organic inbound inquiries from our website without any advertising was something most marketers dream of.

Why Rebrand?

The short answer is that we have evolved. As our customers have matured their usage of Kira and found unimaginable ways to drive innovation in their work, we too have evolved the Kira platform to continually enable them to achieve more. Naturally, how we present our story must evolve too.

Our Path to Rebranding

We got there by going into deep introspection as a company starting with our founders to many people in the company that had built Kira into what it is today. We connected with our customers and listened deeply about the undeniable changes facing their professions and industry, as the abundance of available data has changed the very nature of business competition. Although the first wave of software automation has done a reasonably good job of mining an organization’s transactional structured data, the vast majority of organizational knowledge still sits in unstructured documents, such as contracts.

Our customers described their challenges with extracting insights from these documents, which still require intensive hours of manual human review to truly understand what’s in them. We’ve learned that to this day organizations know what’s in less than 10% of their contracts and documents.

Together, we envisioned a promised land where they could truly know and understand what was in their documents, and how Kira could help them get there.

In short, we evolved our mission which is to enlighten the world’s enterprises by enabling them to truly know what’s in their contracts and documents.

Today, we’re delivering on this with exciting new product releases and deeper integration and collaboration with our partner ecosystem. As a result, we’ve also updated our visual identity, which properly reflects this evolution - and we’re thrilled to introduce you to that today.

Unpacking the Rebrand

Rebranded Kira Logo

A natural evolution of our previous mark and where we’ve come from. This new logo design represents the lens that helps our customers see things differently and clearly. To find information that they never knew existed and use it in ways that were never imagined.

Our colour palette

Rebranded Kira Colour Palette

In our new color palette, we continue to lean heavily into the colors that Kira is known for and also extend it further to tell more detailed, in-depth stories with bold visuals that capture our mission to enlighten and empower our customers.

Our typeface

Faktum font typeface

Copernicus font typeface

Recognizing the advanced intellectual capability of our customers, we needed to adopt a typeface that would help us communicate clearly and efficiently. With a complimentary secondary typeface that adds sophistication to highlight the ideas from some of the brightest minds within our community.

Our illustrations

Rebranded Illustrations

Inspired by the publications and journalism our customers voraciously consume, that share bold ideas and push conversations forward, our new illustration style is designed to make our readers think, and inspire them to push boundaries they never imagined they could.

This is just the beginning. An identity is delivered through our community - the people and ideas that intersect with our brand. We can’t wait to see our Kirans, customers, partners and all of our exciting plans in 2020 (and beyond) come to life through this new lens. Our story continues.

Welcome to our next chapter.

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