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At Kira Systems we strive to push the boundaries of machine learning, design, and experience.

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Help us automate the review & analysis of documents with machine learning.

Kira staff at an employee axe throwing event
Great Place to Work has announced that Kira Systems is one of the 2019 Best Workplaces in Technology
Kira staff celebrating at the 2017 holiday party
Kira staff at the 2017 holiday party
Kira staff playing trampoline dodgeball
Kira staff on a wine tour at the offsite retreat
Kira staff at the offsite retreat

Perks and Benefits

Flexible vacation

Employees and managers ensure you take all the time you need away from work so that when you return, you're focused, recharged and productive.

We'll take care of you

Get rid of those knots in your back, show off those pearly whites and make sure you see 20 / 20 with a comprehensive health benefits plan.

Learning is fun (and paid for)

We are a learning company, not just because we build machine learning software. Our shine brighter program gives you a spending account for professional development.

Social butterflies

Annual offsites plus monthly social activities (rock climbing, axe throwing, board game nights, trampoline dodgeball). Let's get to know each other a bit better.

Choice of tools

All new employees are hooked up with the newest Macbooks. PLUS receive a budget to purchase home equipment of your choice.

Fuel for the day

Fruits, granola bars, juice, pop and other snacks available in the office.

Be treated like an adult

Have an appointment? Need to pick up the kids? Everybody has different schedules. Less important is the when and where. We measure people on outputs, not inputs.

Conveniently located

Our head office is located in downtown Toronto. It's a 5 minute walk from the TTC and a 12 minute walk to Union Station with plenty of dining options.

We love to work here. So will you.

I come to work everyday with the firm belief that I am offering something of value to smart professionals.

By the numbers

Tremendous Employee Growth:

Languages Spoken:

Kira pie chart breakdown of languages spoken at Kira
52% English 14% French
6% Chinese (all dialects) 6% Spanish
2% Arabic 6% Indian (all dialects)
2% Italian 2% German
2% Japanese 4% Korean
4% Russian 2% Greek

Powered by Caffeine:

71 cups
of coffee/tea drank per day

Happy Hour:

Kira Stats - Wine vs Beer drinkers
2 out of 3
prefer to drink BEER over WINE for their alcoholic preference

Weekend Rejuvenation:

Kira Stats - Pie chart of how we spend our weekends
Catch up on sleep
Eat out
Read a book
Video Games

Where work (doesn't always) happen

Interests when we’re not hacking away on our computers





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