Kira Systems road tests forthcoming API with Legal Hackers LA

Written by: Kira Systems

October 27, 2015

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This past weekend, Kira Systems sponsored the second annual Code The Deal Hackathon produced by Legal Hackers, held at UCLA School of Law. The Hackathon challenged the participants to produce solutions that improves the delivery of legal services, expand access to legal services and advance the legal industry. The top winning team collected over $4000 in cash and prizes. Kira Systems provided participants with access to the Kira machine learning API, and provided a prize of $400 in gift cards to the team who made the best use of Kira.

The overall winner was B1GTENANT – produced by a team from MSU Law’s LegalRnD center – an app for people to use to solve basic landlord-tenant issue. The team built a prototype of an application that could provide answers to common landlord/tenant conflicts, and even scan leases for any illegal or problematic clauses. It also aimed to enable users to upload photos of their living spaces with a date and time stamp, fill out an inventory checklist within the application, and help them avoid legal issues through a documentation process that informed them of their rights.

The Kira prize went to kDraft, a tool for creating a standard starting-point contract based on a machine learning analysis of clauses in prior executed deals. Using Kira, the app promised to provide lawyers with streamlined initial draft creation, informed with the knowledge of what had been agreed in the past.

The Kira API ingests all kinds of contracts (leases, sales contracts, distribution agreements, etc. ) in over 60 file formats (including scans and pdfs) and automatically identifies and extracts provisions like title, parties, governing law, assignment, renewal terms and much more.

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