Audio/Slides of Noah's Talk at ILTA14 Online

Written by: Noah Waisberg

October 20, 2014

1 minute read

In late August, I spoke at ILTA14 with Ryan McClead, Michael Mills (Neota Logic), Stuart Barr (HighQ), and Joshua Lennon (Clio). Our “Do Robot Lawyers Dream of Billable Seconds” session has gotten a lot of attention and enthusiastic feedback. My co-presenters have all put extensive, worth-reading blog posts out with details of their talks.

Thanks to Ryan, you can now listen to the audio of our presentation while seeing the slides at their correct time. I recommend accessing this video via Ryan’s blog post below (since you can also read attendee speaker evaluations there, e.g., “Can’t emphasize enough how superb this session was. Excellent and well-informed panel with excellent moderator…”, “Fantastic! Best session at ILTA!!"), but I have also embedded the video here. My talk starts 24 minutes in.

I really enjoyed this presentation, and you might find it worth watching if you are interested in different views in the future of law practice.

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