Kira for Finance

Kira provides lenders, agents, borrowers and other interested parties immediate access to loan terms for current or historical transactions, and provides lawyers with a tool to complete loan agreement due diligence quickly and accurately.

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Kira’s state-of-the-art machine learning technology automatically identifies and extracts information from contracts and comes with 190 credit/facility agreement smart fields, over 100 ISDA smart fields, and over 40 commitment letter smart fields. If the engagement requires the review of additional or unusual information, Kira Quick Study can be used to identify virtually any desired clause. Easily provide clients with up-to-date information on the status of the project and tailor and export summaries of the review in any format. Kira’s tags and/or summaries can also be used to spot provision trends, outliers and collect sample language.

Track Debt Terms and Minimize Deal Risks

Institutional lenders must devote significant resources to collecting important data from credit/facility agreements in order to manage their existing relationships and understand market trends for future negotiations. Finance lawyers are also under incredible time pressure to deliver detailed reviews of these agreements in order to meet rigid transaction deadlines.

Kira Systems’ solution makes this easy, allowing users to complete finance document reviews in half the time while increasing the accuracy of their review. Lenders can expedite risk management processes and other day to day review requirements by extracting only relevant provisions and data points to circumvent layers of excess human-level review. If working on an M&A transaction, finance professionals can coordinate with their corporate counterparts to quickly elevate any issues that are identified and provide status updates to clients whenever they are requested.

Ready to use out-of-the-box

Kira is ready to use out-of-the-box and can be highly customized. The software comes with the ability to identify over 150 credit/facility agreement provisions, including:

Interest rate provisions
Fee provisions
Borrowing base provisions
Voting provisions
Negative covenants
Affirmative covenants
Assignment/participation provisions
Tax provisions
Default provisions

Kira also comes with over 40 commitment letter provision models, including:

Assignment and Participation
Indemnification and Expenses
Interest Rate and Margin Terms
Mandatory Prepayments
Affirmative and Negative Covenants
Yield Protection

Further, Kira comes with over 100 ISDA smart fields for master agreements and credit support annexes, including:

Additional Termination Events
Cross Default and Thresholds
Payments on Early Termination
Collateral Account
Delivery Amount
Use of Posted Collateral

Customers can also use Kira to train their own loan agreement provision models to find information specific to a particular jurisdiction or form of agreement.

How does it work?

Kira processes contracts in dozens of formats and automatically converts them to machine readable text. It includes workflow tools for your team to validate the results prior to them being exported into due diligence reports in Excel, Word or PDF. Kira allows your team to compare prevalence of provisions across documents and track multiple provisions at a time to understand patterns and correlations.

Kira is the leader in machine learning contract data extraction

Kira has been used on thousands of concurrent projects, helping hundreds of organizations gain greater visibility into their contracts. Our users include many of the world’s leading professional service firms and companies, in over 40 countries. We are among the most used and trusted AI solutions for professionals anywhere. There’s a reason why.

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