Service Provider Certification Program


Kira Systems Service Provider Certification Program enables service providers to advertise and promote their proficiency with Kira. Members will receive training for both their service delivery teams (on Kira features and workflow best practices) as well as for their business development professionals to support a strong go-to-market effort.


  • Win more work
  • Deliver contract review more efficiently
  • Advertise as a Kira Certified Service Provider
  • Be recommended by Kira Systems as an approved service provider
  • Access Kira for sales demonstration purposes
  • Press release with CEO quote
  • Listing on Kira website
  • Dedicated Kira partner success manager

Requirements for each certification level


  • $5,000 certification fee per organization (credited towards purchase of a Kira licence); free to Kira licence holders
  • Applicable service provider employees on both the business development and service delivery teams have passed the certification training


  • All the requirements of Silver; and
  • Service provider has been a certified Kira service provider for over a year and has completed 3 or more paid client engagements using Kira

Apply to be a Kira Certified Service Provider