How Professional Services Firms Calculate the Business Impact of Kira

Find out how you can supercharge your contract analyses and save up to 90% of your time

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Kira is now in enterprise use at some of the world’s largest professional services firms, including firms from the AmLaw 100, Chambers Band 1, and Big Four. These firms regularly report that they complete their contract review and analysis projects in 20-90% less time, and are more confident in the accuracy of the results. Kira enables improved business processes and even entirely new business offerings that provide significantly greater value to clients.

Kira was originally developed for contract review in M&A due diligence, where lawyers review hundreds or thousands of third-party contracts that are not already organized and might be in any number of file formats. Our customers quickly discovered that Kira can just as easily be deployed in a wide variety of applications, whenever rapid and accurate search and analysis of contracts is required. This is possible because Kira’s machine learning tool, Quick Study, makes it easy to teach Kira to identify virtually any needed provision from any contract.

This whitepaper discusses and subtantiates with numerical calculations some of the important elements to consider when developing your business impact analysis, such as potential improvement of revenue even on hourly billing projects and new business development with Kira.

Download the whitepaper today to learn more about how Kira can help your organisation and how you can prove to your boss that purchasing Kira is a sound investment.

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