What’s New in Kira: 40 Smart Fields in Brazilian Portuguese

Written by: Christopher Kim

September 23, 2021

2 minute read

This blog post is the fourth of a new series that focuses on keeping you updated on our latest product enhancements, features and innovations. Click here to read the third blog post.

The latest M&A deal you’ve been staffed on involves a target company based in Brazil. Of the thousands of documents that need to be reviewed during due diligence, hundreds are in Brazilian Portuguese. While your team is using Kira to review English language documents, the client has asked attorneys at your firm’s Rio de Janeiro office to complete their reviews with a similarly short turnaround time.

Now, with Kira’s new language smart fields in Brazilian Portuguese, lawyers at a firm’s satellite offices or local counsel can review documents in Brazilian Portuguese directly within Kira. They can also apply their own worksheets (and worksheet templates—which we covered here) to the relevant documents, all within the same project. This allows for easier tracking of review progress, and facilitates collaboration on work being done across different offices.

What Are Smart Fields?

Utilizing Kira Systems’ patented machine learning technology, you can quickly extract concepts, data points, and answers for any number of use cases with high efficiency and accuracy, which is not possible with traditional rules-based systems.

At the core of Kira’s intelligence are our smart fields that utilize AI model relationships to automatically find where legal concepts appear in documents. These smart fields are trained by experienced lawyers and subject matter experts, and cover a variety of use cases, such as M&A, finance, bankruptcy, real estate, and more. Currently Kira offers over 1,300 built-in ready-to-use smart fields, which are in addition to the option for users to create custom-trained smart fields in any Latin-script language.

What’s In This Release?

Kira Systems is pleased to now offer 40 Brazilian Portuguese smart fields as part of our Built-In Intelligence. These new smart fields have been trained by Machado Meyer, a leading law firm in Brazil with a reputation for legal intelligence. All 40 smart fields have been trained to assist with M&A due diligence in Brazil, for use on those documents commonly reviewed during the diligence process, such as merger agreements, share purchase agreements, and asset purchase agreements. You can find the new Brazilian Portuguese smart fields in the field group called “Brasil - Due Diligence de M&A."

List of Brazilian Portuguese Smart Fields

Should you have any questions regarding our new language smart fields, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or email our 24/7 support team at at support@kirasystems.com, where they will be more than willing to help resolve any issues or provide guidance.