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Deloitte and Kira Systems together help enable our clients to obtain rapid insight and value from their contracts and other documents. Deloitte’s extensive experience using Kira Systems’ machine learning document analysis software helps enable much faster review of documents and generation of insights than with conventional methods. With Kira, Deloitte professionals can focus on value-creating strategies such as capturing foregone revenues or reducing third party cost and risk.


Clients can benefit from Deloitte and Kira System’s combined capabilities through either a Deloitte engagement or by directly accessing the Kira platform with Deloitte providing services to enhance the value gained from the platform; these include training of the artificial intelligence for clients’ unique needs, integration with other systems, analysis of the output and development of strategic recommendations.

Now with more than 3,000 users across Deloitte, Kira-based platforms are in wide use across its audit and consulting businesses, and the organization recently rolled out additional customized Kira platforms to its tax and advisory businesses. In consulting, it’s now possible for client teams to analyze hundreds of thousands of documents in weeks, putting them in a stronger position to advise clients in completing major business transactions under tight deadlines.

In audit, Deloitte-customized instances of the Kira platform together with Deloitte-trained models have been rolled out across the organization under the name Argus. This successful deployment helped Deloitte receive the “Audit Innovation of the Year” award from the International Accounting Bulletin. For example, an audit team can implement Argus together with advanced Deloitte workflows to effectively and quickly review a large volume of complex revenue agreements, contributing to a high quality, effective audit.

Wading through miles of corporate jargon hunting for key words and patterns can consume considerable time and resources. By teaming with Kira Systems we can help organizations reduce their review time while redeploying talent to higher value activities.

Craig Muraskin, Deloitte LLP and managing director of Deloitte’s U.S. Innovation group

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