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August 11, 2011 | Legal 

Law Firms Being More Efficient

Law firms can increase profits by being more efficient. Sure, this is obvious for firms that bill fixed fee: lower production costs (or the less time time spent on matters) mean greater profits, all other things equal.

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July 20, 2011 | Legal


Clients are increasingly pushing back on passed-on fees for disbursements, according to an Administrative Director in an AMLaw 100 firm (who I was fortunate to speak with recently).

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July 12, 2011 | Legal

Automating Law

DiligenceEngine is focused on a specific problem: improving legal due diligence. But our work fits into a broader issue: making lawyers more efficient and effective.

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June 30, 2011 | Legal

Issues Considered in Legal Due Diligence

In line with previous posts explaining the background to what we do (make legal due diligence better, faster and cheaper), this post will focus on some of the issues considered in legal due diligence.