Kira Diligence Engine Named International M&A Technology Product of the Year by ACQ Global Awards 2015

Written by: Kira Systems

October 21, 2015

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Kira Systems co-founders, Noah Waisberg and Alexander Hudek also recognized as International Gamechangers of the Year in M&A Technology

TORONTO, Oct. 20, 2015 – Kira Systems, the machine learning contract analysis software provider, announced today that Kira Diligence Engine has been awarded International M&A Technology Product of the Year by ACQ5. Noah Waisberg and Alexander Hudek, the co-founders of Kira Systems, were also recognized by ACQ5 as International Gamechangers of the Year in M&A Technology.

Kira Diligence Engine uses machine learning to automate the extraction and analysis of key provisions across contracts that are reviewed during due diligence. Trusted on over $100 billion worth of transactions to date, Kira Diligence Engine enables faster and more accurate contract review, which expedites deal evaluations, negotiations and closing.

“We are honored to be recognized as a leading provider of M&A Technology,” said Noah Waisberg, CEO of Kira Systems who was recognized by ACQ5, alongside his co-founder Alexander Hudek, as International Gamechangers of the Year in M&A Technology. “We take great pride in the product that we develop and will continue to strive to delight our customers.”

The annual ACQ Global Awards celebrate achievement, innovation and brilliance of outstanding individuals and businesses selected independently by industry professionals in the M&A sector. The award further cements Kira Systems as a leading technology provider for M&A professionals.

Earlier this year, Legaltech News announced Kira Diligence Engine as a finalist for its 2015 “New Product of the Year” Innovation Award, alongside Avvo Inc. Advisor, Catalyst Repository Systems’ Predict and Lex Machina.

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Kira Systems’ machine learning contract analysis software helps professionals complete their review and analysis faster and more accurately than conventional methods. Customers, who include some of the world’s largest corporations and professional services firms, have trusted Kira on over $100 billion of transactions to date. Kira automatically identifies and extracts relevant provisions from contracts in virtually any format. Summaries are created in seconds, and analysis that normally could take weeks can begin in only a few minutes. Pre-built provisions help with due diligence, lease abstraction, and contract management. And with Kira’s Quick Study feature, anyone can rapidly teach the software to identify virtually any provision. To find out more, please visit

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